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I'm with Bart B, 4895 normally is not used in a 7mm Rem mag, I was surprised to see the powder listed in the Nosler Handbook. Loading density for this powder is only 67% with a full charge under 150gr Nosler, again usually you should try to achive at least an 80% loading density for this round which would indicate nothing faster than IMR4350. My go to powder was IMR7828 and even slower powder with a loading density 82% with 63grs min charge, 87% with 67.5grs which is max. I have found the powder which most nearly fills the case (80% or higher) with the highest velocity listed usually produces the best accuracy. For my 7mm mag experience this powder was IMR7828, further this is the powder that Remington used in their 7mm Rem mag ammunition when Remington introduce this caliber. William

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