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Most of my buying was a week or two before the election,I load for everything
Except 22's.I remembered the panic buying 4 yrs ago and got cought with my pants down.I bought powder, bullets,and enough primmers to get buy for quite a while.I bought a 10/22 several 25 rounders and several bricks of ammo
2wks prior to the election.I admit I was at my LGS 8:00 the morning after the election and bought a AR on sale for 679.00,just because I was Pi--ed off.
Told the wife 11:00 the night of the election if I was gone when she woke up
Obama won and I would be out buying an AR to keep my Mini company.Oh and
I did buy a snuby to keep my 586 company but it was only 250.So my 2013
toy allowance has been spent but all at good price points.

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