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I never experienced tunnel hearing, but on adrenaline rushes I have had the vision thing. Twice, during fist fights and also when I was shooting my first arrow ever at a deer.

My father, a veteran of the Korean War (twice wounded Army medic) never has talked much about the war, but he did relate to me a few things over the years. One conversation was spurred right after we watched Saving Private Ryan together when it first came out. I asked him "Dad, I hear that folks say this movie is supposed to have some of the most realistic battle that so?" He said "Yes, especially that scene on the beach when they landed. That thing where his hearing went away. Same thing happened to me. That was really like it was for me a time or two. I also got that tunnel vision thing."

(Kind of subject highjacking here, but) I asked him what was the fakest part of the battle scenes? He said "The wounds.....we never saw wounds that clean. Most we saw were black (burnt) and/or caked in dirt." If he called the wounds in that movie "clean", I'm sorry he had to deal with the real ones.
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