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I don't think I have replied to this thread yet...

I grew up in Massachusetts. I now reside in Virginia. Both states are amongst the only Commonwealths in the USA one can count on the Fingers they have on one hand. the move was a coincidence and happened years ago, but the differences are night and day. Amazingly (though it is probably nothing more than "in my head"), I would probably Feel Safe without a firearm living in an area I did as a child in Massachusetts but not in Virginia (bare in mind there is probably no difference except the comfort zone I grew up with & also bare in mind I will still choose to have a HD/SD firearm(s) for my family no matter where we live). this is just something I have noticed over a couple years and thought was interesting mindset.

*I also went to college in New Hampshire during my University years. I always realized NH was 'live free or die' and completely different than MA even though they were side by side and both New England states. Things are just different state to state no matter how close or how far
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