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both excerpt quotes good points (as well as entire posts)


I read about a LEO who made a traffic stop on two individuals. While talking to one suspect outside the car, the guy in the car shot at the LEO. Cop draws his weapon and returns fire. Doesn't even notice the guy next to him who draws another weapon and shoots him at point blank range.

Now that may be a poor example, because I don't know the exact angles involved and whether the LEO had tunnel vision specifically or if he just looked away at the wrong time. We can't be aware of everything all the time.

it also could have been a 'bangbang' play: LEO draws and passenger draws almost simultaneously or instinctively after LEO draws on driver


In a highly stressful situation --- such as in a gunfight --- the shooter focuses on the target, with the brain funneling more blood flow to the center of the macula, which has a concentration of cones, that have a better visual acuity then the outer periphery motion sensing rods. This effect...can contribute to "tunnel vison".

sometimes the blood goes to the brain causing a freeze and/or confusion/overload which is obviously bad. when it works in the opposite fashion it can help(more strength if family member under car, etc)
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