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Just one mans opinion,if you are going to brown it,about a 320 scotchbrite pad rubdown will be fine.

Of course,it depends on what you start with.I have rubber cemented wet or dry paper on a small 9x12 $30 granite surface plate,added a little kerosene and stroked the flats on itThat keeps things flat and sharp.Maybe through 240 or 280 grit,then a scotchbrite rub.

I have used Mark Lee browning solution with boiling water in a blue tank.That comes out a deep espresso black/brown.I'd call it rust blue,but its a different color.Swab,boil,card.I like it.

If you want ML brown,just use the directions.

Too fine a finish makes the brown slower to develop.A brown finish should end up near matte,regardless of blasting.I'd skip it,myself
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