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When the buying panic started in 2008 it took about 6-8 months for the ammo to start getting easier to find. at the same time the price of lead, copper, brass and every other metal was sky high because the chinese were buying everything they could get including gold and silver.

Ammo came back at a much increased price. IIRC it took guns about a year to be commonly found. I remember going to gunshows that formally having no black rifles to having long tables full of ARs and such that no one was even looking at. Plus a lot of ARs on shoulders of sellers that no one was buying. I was pretty sure that everyone who had wanted an AR had bought one.

Four years later there is a new crop of young shooters who want their own ARs and once again they are at scalper prices if they can be found at all.

How long this time? Who knows?
Thank you for that input. At the 6-8 month time frame, that puts us in July or so.

Dealers and sellers who are selling these rifles now at inflated prices are not getting their asking price and will force them to lower their prices eventually.

At the last couple of gun shows I see plenty of AR's at 2x their normal price and not very many people buying. If a seller prices them appropriately, then those people are the ones who will make money and stay competitive in the firearms industry, not the ones charging $1500 for a $750 AR. There was a table at the last Central FL gun show that sold complete uppers for $399 minus the BCG; I kinda regret not buying one from them.

What I'm worried about more is the availability of parts and mags, which are backordered for quite a while. If they follow the trend, then hopefully they will be back to normal-ish prices in 6-8 months too.
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