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What about those who are too poor to pick up and move?
Personally, I don't believe you can ever be "too poor".

All it takes is hard work (a lot of it) and motivation to get out of the hole you got yourself into in the first place. I know people who have had no parents, grew up on their own, and made it ok as adults. Many homeless people--no offense-- don't have to be homeless if they just picked up a job and worked hard instead of beggin on the streets. Doesn't matter if that job is at McDonalds or Landscaping, a job is a job, and beggars can't be choosers.

I don't know. Texas is damn hot.

So is Florida.

Need to be able to get a job too.

I'm going somewhere though.
People can get used to the heat, and there are ways around it. Just as people can get used to the snow and extreme cold.

I have a landscaping business and have worked mowing grass since I was in high school; there are ways around the heat. I know heat like you wouldn't believe. I was also born in a 3rd world country. The US is spoiled.

Glad to hear you are going somewhere.
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