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Originally Posted by Ultra12
I live in NYC and our rifles are restricted to 5 rounds in a mag. Pistols are 10. I wanted a lever action marlin 39 in 22 lr but I can't have it because its over 5 rounds. So I had to buy 45-70 marlin because the mag will only fit 5. If u have a ruger 10-22 and bought an aftermarket stock u are most likely now own a assault rifle. My 1911 came with 3 mags 8, 7 and 7 rounds. But now if I want a 9 mm I probably will never be able to buy if because it can fit 15-19 rounds. My tikka in 223 is waiting for a chassis system that comes with a pistol grip and that will make it an illegal assault rifle. My 1941 mosin nagant can be an assault rifle because it can have a bayonet. Living in nYc I came in terms with such stringent gun laws. I didnt think but can get worse but now I am better of owning only Revolvers. If they find u have 8 rounds in stead of 7 it's a misdemeanor. And if u have misdemeanor so now u will lose all ur gun rights. U got a red light ticket or a speeding ticket? Now wen u renew and they run a background check u r no longer deemed as a law abiding citizens and will have ur rights to own a gun taken away.
you made some really good points that I didn't even think about. Now a Mosin Nagant can be considered an "Assault Weapon/Rifle" -- Ridiculous.

NY is really getting out of hand, almost like NJ or CA. I've always wanted to live in NYC or CA, but the draconian gun laws you have there (among others) are just plain insane. Maybe most people don't care and wouldn't know what they're missing, but to those of us who are "enlightened" it is a big deal.
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