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Gun Control

Understood sigcurious, I feel that a lot of your opinions are realistic and just, especially with the problems excessive health testing will cause but let me explain. First off, I do not believe gun control laws like this will fix anything. Smaller magazine capacities and a ban on military-style (all rifles that are modelled after existing military rifles with semi-auto fire i.e. AR-15 and AK47) rifles? Armor piercing bullets? Nope.

The new laws I feel are a problem because they can be warped by gun-control activists into excessive measures i.e. armor piercing bullets being "all pointed bullets" (rifle cartridges) or all bullets that can pass through a level IIa vest (covers almost all +P pistol rounds) and Military-style rifles being "scary" black rifles. God forbid one day someone goes on a shooting spree with a pistol with a 10-round magazine and then all of a sudden 5-round magazines is the new legal standard.

However, as a responsible owner of firearms myself I am simply expressing my concerns about how we can possibly prevent people with psychological issues from causing damage with legally-purchased firearms. I have great respect for responsible gun owners. Why? Because all the lawful gun owners I know will do everything they can to protect others from harm. But when mentally unstable people get their hands on firearms and do damage it ruins the image of responsible gun owners everywhere. Which is unfair but this is how the media spins it. This is the reality I find to be unfair.

And about your point on who is going to pay for all these tests and background checks, I agree. I think it should be the government. I know with the current deficit that may no longer be an option but I cannot see why it cannot be so. The US government can bailout big banks with billions and even trillions of dollars with taxpayer's money but have no money for armed guards in schools to protect children? Seriously? And then the corrupt bankers get ridiculous bonuses with taxpayer's money? I feel like that is just plain unfair to all taxpayers everywhere. Just my 2 cents.
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