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My interest was sudden about 10yrs ago when I bought a Hungarian M-44 that was so accurate I could literally call my shot. Not to mention its a beautiful example of a Mosin Nagant. I have dreamed of how awesome it would be with a scope but not gone do it. Since then I have added a......

M91/59 Carbine with a laminated stock. This little puppy is very light and shoots 2-3 moa depending on the ammo.

1929 91/30 Hex reciever that had a very ugly colored stock when I bought it for $70 so I refinished it and now its purdy.

Mosin's may not be the best bolt guns from the WWII era but with some trigger time you can do anything with it you can do with any other surplus 50-80yr old bolt gun.

I love Mosin's.
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