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thank you

I might have to reconsider my situation, but I must admit I am skeptical and/or slow to do so(at least at this point). I remember being on a thread a couple years ago about this, and the opinions were different. You all make some good points however, and I do appreciate the advice/info though. I would like to add that I do not store guns/ammo in garage, attic, or the basement. The amount is not high either...just enough to be ready w/minimal reloads to protect our family and/or to enjoy at range/hunting without having to buy anything first.

The part of our dwelling w/the goods have AC in warmer months and heat in the cooler months, so I don't forsee any issues but I am taking these posts seriously.

*the other thread I am remembering: people were actually saying ammo thrown on a fire could not injure anyone(obviously I would never do that), but i guess you all are speaking about firearms being loaded which poses different circumstances....
my handguns are revolvers and stainless steel for the most part too(no blues), so I am not sure if that makes a difference or not

**shortly, I plan on readjusting the direction of the firearms or double-checking them to maximize a safer sleeping position for the handguns.
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