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But I feel that it is the right of law-abiding citizens who pass background checks, psychological tests and maybe even drug tests to own military rifles for home-defense, collecting and recreational purposes. If you are qualified, why not?
You feel it's a right...that requires not only background checks, but psych evals and drug tests too? Remind me not to ask what your standards are for privileges are if you think all of that is needed for a right...

Drawing up standards for all the additional testing would be extremely complex and rife with possibilities for abuse and failures of the system. Neither a psych eval or drug tests could be completed in a timely manner or reliably on site at LGSs, creating a de facto waiting period and a logistic nightmare. Who's going to pay for all this? How do you define "military rifle"?

For all these reasons and more I reject your notion of "the right of a law-abiding citizen". It amazes me that the idea of submitting to further and further intrusions which are more and more invasive seems to come so naturally to so many as of late.
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