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When I graduated from medical school, I specifically began looking to move out of Maryland due to the "may issue" policy. As a physician (and given a couple of other circumstances in my favor), I had been told that getting myself a Maryland carry permit would be unlikely to pose much difficulty. However, rightly or wrongly, I had the uncomfortable feeling that I would be using privilege and nepotism to unfairly obtain something that should be available to all law-abiding citizens upon request. Hence, my moves to NC (briefly), then MS, and now here to WBGV.

Recently, though, I've sometimes contemplated moving back to the Old Line State and applying for that permit. If I obtained it, then there would be one more active permit in the state, and thus one more piece of evidence to counter the claims of those who espouse the view that carry permits lead inevitably to bloodbaths, etc. If I didn't obtain it, I guess I could always be another test case in the court system. In either situation, it could even(eventually) make a small contribution to others being able to more freely exercise their rights. That might be simply wishful thinking on my part, but who knows?
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