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I think it is medium term (six months to two years). The President and Dem leaders have shown their cards if they ever think they have a chance to play them. No one can say that he ir they have no intention to pass more gun laws. Now it is fact.

Also, several Repub congressmen rated NRA A+ flipped faster than you could say Chuck Schumer. That gave folks the jitters. Plus no Repub leaders are out there beating the drum of gun rights. Rather they are leaving that defense to Junior members and the R leaders appear to be willing to consider yet more compromise of some sort.

Finally at least one entire state has passed draconian stupid new gun laws by a sizable majority of bipartisan vote.

Finally, we all know that one more convenient shooting and both parties will scramble over each other to pass the toughest gun laws.

Two months ago many gun owners were disparaging of those who rushed to buy guns and supplies after the election. No gun laws in first term! Every congressman knows gun laws are political suicide! Right. Only the most obstinate would ridicule others with those slogans now.

Gun owners will remain on edge until political leaders prove by action they will not pass more gun laws. Could be by decisive vote against bills. Could be firm unequivocal declarations. I think it will proved out one direction or the other with this time frame.
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