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I have not been in a gun fight, pointed guns at people, that was enough, but not actually shot anyone.

But I have been in a lot of fights (worked for 5 years as a Bouncer in Liverpool UK) stabbed twice. 1960 till 64, the Cavern Club, of Beatles fame, 65, the Blue Angel on Seal st. Some real violence there.

Three years in Australia, moved to Canada in 1968, had to return to England, family business.

On a nice Friday evening, went out for supper, 4 of us. Brother in law, my Wifes Sister, my wife, and I.

New Café, the Moon Glow Indian, St Helens, Lancashire, on entering, spotted 4 Young yobs, i was 33, (sitting with empty plates going to do a runner!) they made not quite low comments, about our good looking woman.

To cut to the chase, as i approached their table, comments had been escalating, me with a 10 shilling note in my top pocket (bribe) when one jumped to his feet hands coming up. My flat foot kick to his chest, sent him back, fast, his head hit his buddy behind him, splat.

One other went to stand, putting his hands on his knees! My down chop, fist, crushed his nose.

The last one climbed over the booth, I hit him with a chair when he jumped off the table.

I was calm, cool, and not exited, at all. My shoes squeaked on the tile floor, all movements were in slow motion, sounds were very clear.

When the Police arrived, the young guys had left. I explained I had been ATTACKED! "Yes Sir, I know who did it"

It turned out the local emergency ward had 4 new customers.

One broken arm, two broken noses, 3 broken ribs. We went home.

As I had said, i had been in lots of fights, the only reaction i had, was driving away, adrenalin thigh muscle! Oh, and a cut knuckle on my right fist.

I would imagine if you had been in a weapon situation, the second one would have been easier?
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