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Yes this is being appealed, and there is conflicting case law but... for the time being, do what I do when I travel to Maine, I refuel just before I enter NY, and dont stop again until Mass. This way there is no interruption to my journey in NY or CT.
That isn't really possible for many vehicles, if traveling on I-90 or I-86.
A straight shot down I-90, alone, will clock more than 385 miles. Running 86/90 can exceed 425 miles. Bringing anything else into the mix (like I-87) just adds even more mileage.

It shouldn't be necessary to completely re-route your trip, to avoid most of a "united" state.

Having lived in NY, I have to agree that it's best to avoid the place, though. While I was there, local police agencies were targeting travelers at airports - such as those that were unfortunate enough to be stranded due to cancelled or delayed flights - if they had luggage that looked like gun cases, or they appeared to have hunting gear. If the person left the airport terminal (to go to an airline-provided hotel, for example), they would be detained and searched. To the best of my knowledge, none of the charges were successfully fought. NY just turns its back on Federal law, and prosecutes as they please.
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