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Most Comprehensive Manual For Loads?

I am relatively new to reloading as I have been doing it for about a year now, and have a quesiton in regards to different manuals.

When I began reloading, I made the decision to go with mostly Lee Precision equipment and I follwed suit with Modern Reloading (2nd ed.) by Richard Lee. While the load data is certainly plentiful, I find it lacking a bit. For example, Alliant claims that Power Pistol was designed for 9mm and 40 S&W and Unique is supposed to be a very versatile all-around powder, yet the manual does not list loads in the common weights of 115 gr. or 124 gr Jacketed Bullets for 9mm, or 165 gr. or 180 gr. Jacketed Bullets in 40 S&W. It only list these two powders for the weights in XTP (defined by Lee as Hornady XTP, Speer Gold Dot or Remington Golden Sabers). I don't know about other people, but for general plinking/target ammo, I do not generally load expensive HP bullets.

While I know calculations can be done to figure out a safe starting load based on the XTP loads or various loads can be found online, I would prefer to see them in pubished manuals. I looked on Alliants's website and they list HPs of many varities, but no FMJ rounds for these powders. I like the idea of having a second (or third) manual and am hoping to hear from people with multiple manuals as to which manual they feel has the most extensive list of loads?

Thanks in advance for your input before I pick up a second manual.
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