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Outdoor Channel Law Suggestion

I'm sitting here watching the Outdoor Life Channel, and an advertisement came on that was so spot on, I couldn't believe I never considered it.

Here is the suggestion of a Lawyer:

If you are CCW or otherwise a gun owner, have the information for the police and a lawyer available for those you live with, in case you are involved in a situation where you were required to use your firearm to defend yourself.

He stated that if you question for a second whether you could be arrested for what you have committed to, you likely will be.

Further, he said that if you are 100% certain you acted accordingly, with due diligence and proper thought, it may not be so clear to the responding police and/or DA.

Again, the wisest thing is, be prepared ahead of the event you never want to happen, but if it does, you are ahead of the game.

Just an FYI and sharing what I thought was excellent information.
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