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The FOPA act is "supposed" to protect you as long as it is legal where you start and legal where you finish, but if you make any stops... therein lies the rub. NY may consider a refueling stop an "interruption" in your journey and then charge you anyway. Remember that the federal judge for the NY/NJ area, Judge Walls, stated that the 2nd Amendment is not a right but a privelidge. Yes this is being appealed, and there is conflicting case law but... for the time being, do what I do when I travel to Maine, I refuel just before I enter NY, and dont stop again until Mass. This way there is no interruption to my journey in NY or CT.
That being said, the other issue I see and wonder about is the LEOSA act and the NY law's impact on Retired/Active out of state LEOS who travel through NY and may be carrying a firearm with larger than a 7 round mag such as a Glock duty weapon with a 10 round mag? Would that LEO be arrested for having a "high capacity magazine" in spite of LEOSA. LEOSA covers carrying the weapon, the ammo but not the Magazine. This from several attorneys on the subject. Whole new can of worms there.
Hopefully the NY law will be tossed out on its face.
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