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with that i have to a just a guy that likes guns...rare, common, pricey, cheap, and just plain unual and ugly. really dont care what it is if i dont have one and i see one i want it....if i can afford it i buy it. if someone from my childhood had one or family had one i will find it and buy it. getting older (not old yet mind you) only 44 but getting older and have a 6 yr old boy and want him to see shoot and enjoy the firearms of my youth and for myself i enjoy the smile on his face when he shoots the 22s and 410 which is what he shoots....but to see that wow look on his face when the big guns go off is priceless and hear him talk about how when he gets big he is gonna shoot them call my laminate mosin ugly but to me its the best gun in the world when that fireball comes out the end of the barrel and the boy gets the biggest grin on his face and says im gonna shoot that when i get big like you.

had to put this in....yes i count my shots and make sure i end on a even number....the pain in my shoulder is well worth it for the smiles on his face and the memories i will have later in life
9mm Luger:

...Wildly popular all over the world, mostly in countries where people don’t carry guns, and cops don’t have to actually shoot people with theirs.

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