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That has been my biggest fear about these state rallys and even bigger about a DC one.
One these sprang up as an idea a relatively short time ago so tons of folks that may have went dont know its even happening

Having taken part in a couple of pro veteran events of a similar nature to rally at the state capitol and hundreds saying they were coming most wound up with news crews taking pictures of 25 people that actually came.

If there is good and I mean good turn out these rallys can be of benefit. If as I fear a lot will talk the talk and not actually show up they will be more harm than good only adding ammo to the antis position that pro gun folks are a minority and a small one.

Policing our own is dicey too. Let one loud verbal confrontation much less physical one between even two pro gun rally attenders be seen by a news camera and you can bet it will be all over national tv before 24 hours is up to prove we are all radical unstable and violent by nature.

Im praying there is a good turn out and I plan on going even though in my state everything political is pro gun so its sort of just going thru the motions.
Heres hoping
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