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I don't think, its the greatest thing in the world, but it irritates me when gun snobs look down there nose at something just because it didn't cost half a months pay, or maybe a months pay to some. I have dirt cheap guns, and I have stupid expensive ones. I like them all. and the mosin is a pretty rifle to me (laminated stocked ones that is). Heck I even like the High point line! And have showed up a few glocksters with that 150 dollar brick! I'm a "firearms" collector. I like things that go BOOM, no matter what they cost. And a mosin will hold its own in my opinion with just a tad bit of work. I have no idea what a Mosin will do with modern ammo, but I do know my 1934 Tula will kill the heck out of some Melons, milk jugs full of water, Spray paint cans, etc with ole silver tip mil surp and do it with lots of bang and great fun!!
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