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they are Executive Orders and go into force at the time stated in the order with the full effect of law.
No quite. They are not codified into Law as passed by Congress, and then subject to interpretation by the Supreme Court.

They are directives to the Executive Branch of government, and as already said, the States are lining up suggesting they are under no obligation to enforce them.

Somebody is setting up some major legal contests for future review when the Executive Branch oversteps itself. It's happened before, and POTUS has lost in court. Precedence exists.

Moving to the EO concerning the revoking of provisions in the HIPPA: if the law says "you cannot communicate the patient's information and status," but the President is ORDERING those who are subject to his will to do so, where exactly is the line? If your doctor isn't on the government payroll, his voluntary compliance is all there is - and your continued patronage also on the line.

Nobody wants to be the one who knew before hand, but the real difficulty is exactly that - how does this all work out in a legal environment that prohibits prior restraint? Let's be clear about that - can YOU be arrested because someone thinks you might do something?

One unintended consequence is that anyone who does have issues with PTSD, trauma, or whatever, now has a legitimate fear of treatment if the health authorities want to restrict their firearms access - even if their only justification is politics. It's already a major issue in the Army and goes straight to the other article in my local paper - the suicide rate is still rising and no end in sight.

I appreciate everyone who chimed in on the number and level of clearances they hold. That goes to another point completely left out of the entire conversation - prior service. I, like millions of men and women since I turned 18, have all been trained to handle fully automatic weapons, and plenty of them. Whether a three year tour or 35, you don't get thru basic training for ANY job in the Armed Forces if you can't handle a M16 and high capacity magazines. None of the EO's, the posturing Senators, and the media make any effort to recognize that a substantial part of the public are quite capable of handling fully automatic weapons - fully trained and educated by the very people who are trying to limit their rights. And who are surrounded by them almost every working minute of their day.

We are all in this together, and the opposition understands all to clearly that as long as we own firearms and hold our forefathers caution against tyranny, they can never rule us.

Let's not ignore the other players on the field - there are three branches of Government. The courts are forcing a showdown on carry in Illinois and Chicago, Congress is already uncooperative with the President, and the Executive Branch itself knows the clock is ticking - only 47 months left. They are facing a sea change of new administrative heads, all of who, like the BATF director, need confirmation. There is also the income tax, Obamacare, and no doubt, future world political events that will be challenging. One President doesn't get unlimited power - and in his second term, the gloves are off. It's not going to be a cakewalk like the first term. That is very much part of American politics.
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