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Here, again, is the text of the White House press release, all 21 pages of it.

The EOs are summarized, but there's little if anything in them that affects actual "gun control" in a substantive way, as far as I can see. It's all "direct the AG to review," "send a letter to FFLs," etc. A couple of them involve presidential memoranda requiring various federal agencies to do things that, as far as I can see, they already have the power to do.

An executive order calling for a "national dialog... on mental health" doesn't carry quite the same oomph as one authorizing the extrajudicial murder of American citizens, for example.

The rest is basically a wish list of laws he'd like Congress to pass. I suppose some are more likely to pass than others, but this is a president whose basic negotiating tactic is the "preemptive concession." If it were LBJ, I'd be worried -- Obama, not so much.

Originally Posted by Metal god
Does anybody know how the NICS works in detail and how they come to have said info that would disqualify you from owning a gun .
"In detail," is it? Alrighty then.

You'll find all the details here, in a document published by the ATF -- it's a mere 243 pages long.
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