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Originally Posted by Al Norris View Post
Sorry mrbatchelor, voting is a right. It is a political right. That what the difference between Privileges (political rights) and Immunities (natural rights) were, at the time of the founding.

Locke's 2nd Treatise points this all out.
Ok. I'll accept this distinction, but point out that even in your use of vernacular you felt the need to differentiate privilege from immunities. In 21st century NA English that's a very subtle distinction.

We still use the word "privileges" in much the same sense. But by the word "rights" we generally refer to immutables. After all rights in most people's minds are immutable.

But, as pointed out, linguistic hair spitting is for another day. Right now we desperately need to stop those who are our opponents. When the air is clear then we can pontificate as friends.

And my original assertion was aimed at the fact that individual states set up voting laws. And whole classes of people were originally disqualified.
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