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Bullets won't fit in the cylinder

I'm sure there is someone here that has run into this. First a synopsis. I reload .38Special and .357 magnum for my Ruger GP-100, a Colt Police Special and a Henry repeating rifle.

When I load the .38 cal ammo, I find that it won't insert all the way into the cylinder on the Colt Police Special. It hangs out about a tenth of an inch and if you try to force it, it will take pliers to get it out. I can take the same round and it drops right in the cylinder of my GP-100. The rounds look fine... visually.

The only thing about the Colt Police Special is that it was made in 1929 and has maybe 100 rounds through it, so its basically new. But.. one shouldn't have to "break in" a cylinder on a revolver, should they?

Just a note to the curious regarding the Colt Police Special. My mom was at an estate sale in St. Paul, MN a few yrs. ago. It was my brother's neighbor and he was 93+ when he passed. The only thing Mom bought was an old 1920's console radio for $50. She took it home and was cleaning it up and found a rolled up dishtowel stuck back inside the radio. In it was this gun. She is deathly afraid of guns... so she asked me why someone would stash a gun inside a radio? I told her it was probably the murder weapon... That's all it took. She had it FFL shipped to me pronto :-) Took it to a gunsmith to have him check it out. He said it had never been fired... and was in mint condition. He just cleaned and oiled it and put 6 rounds through it all the while lamenting why something like that never happens to him... the serial number indicates it was built in Feb 1929. As it turns out the old guy was a surveyor for the railroad back in the 20's and 30's. He probably just carried it for protection when out surveying.
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