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Finding the perfect load

I was told and have read that to find the best load for your weapon you take your preferred powder and preferred bullet and then load several rounds starting at the low end working up in a certain increment. Then go to the range and shoot and you will get a cluster of shots and the closest cluster take the middle combo and that is best for your rifle I chose IMR 4895 powder and a 145 grain boat tail soft point bullet. Loaded from 45 grains to 55 grains in .5 grain increments. I went to the range with my 7 mm Rem Mag and shot at 300 yards. Well with my bench rest i found no cluster of groups. My total group was sub 5 inches for all 21 shots. I did have two consecutive shots go in the same hole(#4&5). Then two other times in same hole (#11&13) and (#8&12). Shots are numbered #1 = 45 grains of powder #2 = 45.5 grains each shot going up .5 grains. So I need help finding the right load. I am actually fairly pleased with a sub 5 inch group but dont undrestand why 10 grains of powder didnt make a huge difference in the shot. I dont have a chrono so I dont know any velocities and really dont care as long as i can kill a deer or elk at 500 yards. So what do i need to do? Use the #4&5 load? or try another powder? I really want to stay with the 145 grain bullet. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am going to try the same thing with some IMR 4350 powder because I have heard that is A good powder for the 7 mm Rem Mag. Should i do the same thing? Or try another method of finding the right load? Again any suggestions are appreciated.
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