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There are a lot of reasons for me asking this question, but I was mainly curious.

On any firearms forum, if you ask, "I have a handgun, what kind of long gun should I get?" Everyone will say, shotgun or AR/AK. I was just wondering what else is left.

There's semi-auto field shotguns like the Benelli M4 are great for just about everything other than cramped urban combat. With the right one with the right sights, you could shoot slugs out quite a ways I'd imagine.

I've seen several 20 gauge bolt-action shotguns. Not sure what they're for, but they look neat.

A rifled shotgun (slug gun) is something else I don't know anything about. I assume it's for deer and bear hunting.

Then there's all the different styles of bolt-guns. Long barreled scoped, bullpups with scopes, open sight battle rifles like the Mosin Nagant or M1903, big thumper calibers like the Lapua, small fast calibers like the .223.

Are all bolt guns built for distance?

With all these options it's hard to figure out what to move toward. Hence the question.
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