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SWC, FP, RN and HB will all kill paper targets. From a purely hole punching stand point, the Semi Wad Cutters makes the best holes in paper targets, Flat Points are second best, while Round Noses bring up the rear. As stated, the round nose have fewer feeding problems.

The term "target load" often is used of lighter recoil, softer shooting loads; i.e., "practice rounds" to send down range. Don’t' know if this is what you want, but it's easily done in reloading your own.

If you want to reload something that approximates your self-defense load, in terms of bullet weight at a certain velocity, then that can be done also. If you are going this route, the starting point will be using the same weight bullet.

I currently use Berry's Bullets in 40S&W and 9mm. In particular, I like the two styles of 9mm 124 grain Hollow Base bullets for their weight forward, longer bearing surface and hollow base design.
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