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^^^ so is a Carcano....

Which is, according to the Warren Commission, the fastest firing and most accurate bolt action rifle ever made. To the rest of us it's the worst POS that has ever been made, perhaps only rivaled by the Lebel (another rifle with real history)...

What's the point?

Nearly 20 years ago I bought a brand new unfired Nagant Sniper (for about $1800 then), ex-Hungarian army, with correct scope, etc., to add to my sniper rifle collection of original sniper rifles (along with things like original Swedish 96 snipers, Springfield sniper, M1C and M1D snipers, Lungmann sniper, Kar-98K sniper, FN-49 sniper, Enfield #4 sniper, etc., etc., etc.

With over 20 military issue sniper rifles in my collection, the Nagant is the one I would take out of the chest last in case I needed a rifle to actually shoot anything with. It's probably the nicest Nagant you have ever seen. It is bottom of the barrel when compared to it's contemporaries.

I'd take the Enfield #4 sniper first, if anyone cares.

Just sayin'...



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