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Berry's plated bullets for target loads

I have about decided to start my reloading with Berry's plated bullets for the calibers I intend to load -- .380, 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP and 45ACP. Seems to be worth the "only a little bit more" than lead which might not be as good on the barrels.

Decided to postpone .25 & .38SPL. What few that will be shot will just be store bought for now.

I'm not sure about all the shapes and weights. I assume it would be best to shoot the same weight bullet for target loads as comes with the respective caliber factory Self Defense loads. However, the factory SD bullets will be hollow point of some sort so what about the shape of the target bullets?

SWC is Semi-Wad-Cutter, a good paper target bullet which leaves a crisp, circular hole in a paper target, right? How does thai work in a semi-automatic? Seems that it would be fine for a revolver but might not work as well in .45ACP. Help this beginner, please.

FP is a flattened point ?? good for paper targets

RN -- round nose?? Attributes?

HB means there is a hollow base to the bullet so it is longer and therefore more accurate so long as the loaded cartridge is within OAL (over all length) , Right?
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