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I'm not normally the pessimistic type, but I have a feeling that the panic buying and price gouging will go on until:

A) BHO gets what he wants. The mags and rifle configurations we want and have a right to own will be banned, but at least ammo should be available again.

B) His term expires and we get a more moderate or conservative president in his place. I don't see a failure to pass an AWB to be the stopping point for him. I have a feeling new non-sensical legislation will be threatened again and again until there is a more reasonable successor in his office.

I could be wrong though. I hope I am.

Another thing to keep in mind - when things return to a more normal state please remember who is price gouging (no, it is not simple capitalism or supply-and-demand) during these trying times and who is still running an ethical business.

I just got a big email from Cheaper Than Dirt annoucing all the magazines they had back in stock and saw them selling used surplus AK mags for $80 and plain-jane GI AR mags for $130 apiece.

These ***holes will never get another dime of my money.


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