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Enjoying my P95. Had some FTE's the first time I took it to the range, but figured out a better job of oiling was needed. When it is lubed it is great, not a single failure since its been lubed. Love the single action trigger on it.

In the same general price range you might also find a S&W 5906 or 6906. The 5906 is larger, the 6906 more compact. The feel on those are very similar to the P95, and lots of both are in the used market from LEO trade ins. Both of the S&W's are very similar to the P95. The 6906 seems to have a slightly lighter double action pull, but the single action "feel" is very similar to the P95.

I put the Hogue Handall grip on the P95. Even with relatively small hands, I like it that way better than bare polymer. I should probably go to a smaller single stack - but I probably will not, unless my wife finds one she likes.

Don't know Sigma.....
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