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You'd probably have to define "accuracy". Does that mean putting a fist sized group into a sillouette at 3 yards, point shooting in the dark? Or 1" groups at 50 yards, slow fire single action, aimed? Likely somewhere inbetween.
My best accuracy from a .38 Special was an officers model target with 6 in barrel, one holers dead center in the X ring at 50 feet with very little difference in group size at 25 yards. Some shooting at pie plates at over 100 yards, but I never measured exact distance or group sizes.
I'd like similar accuracy from any full size belt gun, but probably won't find another quite that accurate.

For a quality full size .22 revolver I expect to be able to hit a circle the size of a 25 cent piece every time at 50 feet with off hand hold. Even an old Buffalo cast alloy frame single action did that well for me, and my Sentinel does better, putting all in a circle the size of a nickle.

If I can't hit well with a handgun of any sort, revolver or auto, I won't carry it.

My little I frame Hand Ejector has the 4 1/4" barrel.
I haven't owned a snubby in many years, just didn't see the point in a belly gun for other than across a small room point shooting.
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