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will the crazyness affect us BP guys?

Been reading about what the politicos want to shove down our throats, it probably won't affect us (as BP guys)at first and not directly...but you know we're on their list somewhere. Eventually the antis want ALL firearms, and probably the slingshots, knives, forks, and pointy sticks too.

The buying frenzy is already affecting us indirectly. Locally, there are few projectiles available (hornady roundball, powerbelt rifle bullets, etc) powder subs are gone off the shelf and on backorder, no #11 caps or 209 primers anywhere. I live in a rural area and everyone around here owns a smokepole or two and has proactively bought up everything they normally use "just in case."

Since our tools of choice are considered antique weapons, I do wonder if the antis are going to start trying to put us under the thumb by changing shipping regulations so we can't have purchases delivered directly to us or by limiting the number of primers we can buy. Already you can't buy goex or swiss at any local shop because BP is considered an explosive and the shops would have to build a bunker to house their stock. Hopefully the subs don't get reclassified too. This is all the more reason we can't give an inch on the gun control issue and why I re-upped my NRA membeship early and sent them an extra few bucks to boot.
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