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Originally Posted by carguychris
Pardon the slight sidetrack- not to mention my own ignorance- but will an M1 function properly if the en bloc clip is inserted with only 7 rounds in it?
Certainly. Slide one or two cartridges onto the stripper clip and insert as usual. The clip was designed to hold a max of 8 cartridges, because that's all the magazine well will hold.

Just make sure you don't come away with the infamous garand thumb!

Also, the definition of "Curio or Relic... Ammunition Feeding Device" may allow out-ot-state purchase of M1 clips if owners and the NYSP can come up with a reliable and consistent method of determining whether a simple unmarked sheet metal doohickey is more than 50 years old, and then registering that doohickey.
Clerk: Thank you sir. You've just completed the registration requirements for 10 dohickies.
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