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These 23 executive orders that were just signed. They are not suggestions, they are Executive Orders and go into force at the time stated in the order with the full effect of law. The language we have seen is only a "description" of these orders and not the actual language.

I will give an example, a poster above wrote ;
I also don't see any problem with making a NICS check available to private parties if performed by an FFL or LEO agency, no transfer information is recorded, and the process is voluntary and provided for a small fee (under $5).
Well the process will not be voluntary, it IS mandatory as of the date the signed executive order goes into effect. The wording of these snippets is not the wording of the actual executive order. I have read Executive Orders pertaining to safeguarding classified information and they are not vague, they are specific and fully encompass the topic of the order.

Furthermore there is nothing we have seen that doesn't say that by executive order these documents will not now be retained as record. Laws are changed and all that executive order does is "legislate" Presidential Power , frequently until congress can formally make it official. But that doesn't mean that if congress doesn't pass something that these Executive Orders do not remain in effect. As of today they are Law.

Furthermore, the letter that you guys got that explain how the shops, FFL holders, can handle private transfers. That isn't the executive Order either, it's just what they call it, a letter telling them how to proceed for now.

I do not for one instant believe the President of the US signed an Executive Order that says "I would really be happy if you guys do this for us, but if you don't want to, that's fine. No Biggie"
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