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Originally Posted by MLeake
I fear background checks and training requirements because they allow a tightening of the noose on the Second Amendment; I fear background checks and training requirements because they allow a way for the political equivalent of the country club set to keep "those people" from becoming members of the right to bear arms club; I fear background checks and training requirements because they turn a right into a privilege.

Instead of positing that the only people who fear background checks are those with criminal histories, I would posit that the only people who do not fear background checks are the ones who have not thought it through.
I'm with MLeake on this and in the same boat (pun indented for MLeake) with a very high level clearance and very in-depth background checks. My only additional concern is that there are several databases used for some positions. My fear is that what databases are they going to use for background checks and to what level are they going to deny? You're hearing medical records, including reports from doctors. What about nurses, social workers, teachers, etc...the door will be opened and the screening criteria will be manipulated for whoever is in power.

It used to always be "buyers beware"; now you're seeing a shift to seller beware. Would I knowingly sell firearms to an evil-intentioned individual with a criminal record? Absolutely not! But I also doubt even a local PD background check would catch disturbing PTSD or other mental health issues hidden in their medical records.

I think the way to address private sales is to have a system in place in local PD's allowing the individual to pay a very small, nominal fee (no more than $5.00) to run a background check on themselves and present the "clean bill of health" to the seller with a date in the past 30 days or so. No records need to be kept, no addresses needed (if done in person) and the seller would have peace of mind. No need to keep the background check or at least make them only good for 60-90 days before needing another one. Plenty of LE officers will run a quick check in their database...that should be sufficient, but again, you're not linking to some massive medical database. Can't answer that one...

As MLeake mentioned, once the process becomes overly cumbersome, attrition will occur due to inconvenience. That and many sales will go underground or an explosion of a black-market...

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