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Pardon me if I reminisce but my Dad and Granddad were always big Browning A5 shotgun guys. At one time we had 6 of them at the house in the gun cabinet---most midwesterns didn't have safes back then. Of course, in our small town we left our houses unlocked and our cars too for that matter most of the time.

Anyway I digress, we had a magnum A5 twelve, a couple three light twelves in various bbl lengths and chokes, a sweet sixteen(wish I had now) and a twenty gauge in perfect condition(was bought for my Mom and she never shot it). Ah, those were the days when every weekend during bird season we were out and about, after quail and pheasant. We always had a bird dog or two pinned up in the backyard--generally Brittney spaniels. Good bird dogs with soft mouths but their hind quarters collected burrs like crazy. Would have to shave them to get them off.

Ahhh, good times indeed. These are the memories I have when I look at my Dad's old Light Twelve A5 Browning.
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