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If one accepts that registration of every privately owned firearm is a necessary step preparatory to seizing all privately owned firearms then would you still be unconcerned that in order to sell "or transfer" a privately owned firearm to any other individual that you must "report" the sale to the federal government?

The only way they can ensure compliance is if all the guns you own are registered even if registration is given a different name.

And Apom, this isn't just a requirement for you to be screened if you buy a privately owned firearm, it's a requirement for the seller to perform the screening which includes you if you wish to sell a gun to someone else. Almost certainly at your own private cost.

But as soon as you add the word transfer, money and sales go out the window and gifts and Dad's old shotgun being passed down after he goes walks in the front door.

There can be many reasons one might object to this and suggesting that I have a criminal record is slanderous sir. I am by far removed from such a thing and resent your comment personally.

Of course if you wish to retract your veiled slur I would be inclined to accept
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