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#1 and #6 both concern me greatly.

#6 because this is about private sale of firearms requiring background checks. Depending on how this is implemented it could result in effectively registering every firearm in the country as it may also include all transfers including gifts, inheritance, etc. It would take time, but within a generation or two, they would have a listing of everyone who "legally owns a gun".

#1, because there are alot of Federal Agencies like;

IRS, are you in money trouble, stress means no gun for you today.

Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), got a relative who is not a citizen, No gun for you.

DoD, any problems during military service, PTSD?, minor sscrape with your CO, "who was a jerk by the way", No gun for you.

Bankruptcy court, Sorry Sir, you are a bad risk, No gun for you.

Commerce Department, Sir, do you have business dealings in other countries?

US House and US Senate, Have you ever sent a nasty letter to a Congressman?

OK, some of these may be over the top but you do get the idea.
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