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these ship with a 16# main spring which is low for a 10mm, but standard for a 45acp? (either way underpowered for a 10mm)
If this is true, coupled with a continuous rail, I would be concerned about icebergs ahead!

Colt uses a double recoil spring set up on the Delta Elite. I have also played with 23 and 24 lbs Wolff recoil spring set ups; which involves using a different guide rod than originally equipped with the DE. I eventually went back to the original stock configuration, as I over time really didn't see a measurable improvement using a single spring over the factory dual.

But what do I know, maybe by having an underpowered recoil spring with no slide stop rail cut out they are redirecting the frame cracking vectors in some wonderful manner that also reduces muzzle flip and recoil... and as a side benefit also increases your mpg whenever driving to the range with the 10mm RIA in your range bag!
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