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What I do

80 % of the time my work attire allows for boots, jeans, an untucked button up shirt etc etc. I wear jackets alot when out but in the office I am usually wearing the above. In that case I can do the G27 in a remora IWB and even a 13 round G23 mag in a carrier on the weak side.

10% of the time I can do almost the same thing but with less of a cover shirt. In that case it is ia Smith 642 no lock in my pocket and spare ammo in the truck and desk

The other 10% of the time is true professional dress with an LCP in the pocket and an extra mag to boot. On those days something else is waiting for me in the truck should I need it god forbid.

Our climate dictates that even the most professional folks need to wear winter outterwear most of the year. That provides alot of leeway.

The decision on weather or not to carry seems like a whole other issue that only you can weigh. I made my decision good luck with yours.

Regards, Vermonter
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