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New Yorkers: Sign Senator Marchione's Petition to Repeal NY's Ban

I know the forum says no posting of petitions but since this is directly from a senator I figured it was safe.

Take a minute to sign Senator Marchione's petition to repeal Gov. Cuomo's new legislation. It's already up to 30,000 according to the news.

Although we New Yorkers welcome the sympathy from other state residents, this petition should only be signed by those residing in the state to prevent clutter.
Our ban includes (to name a few):

-All magazines of 8+ rounds are illegal (nearly all semi auto pistols are illegal now)
-Possesssion of a magazine of more than 10 round capacity (legally purchased pre-1994 mags) is illegal.
-Possession of a non-grandfathered 10 round mag is illegal. All existing 10 round mags are fine but cannot be loaded with more than 7 rounds.
-AR's and other "assault weapons" are restricted to one evil feature including having a pistol grip, making all AR's and many pistols "assault weapons," with grandfathered ones subjected to a one year registration deadline with the state police. Same goes for handguns I believe.
-NICS checks on all ammo sales
-Private firearm transfers illegal --> must go through FFL
-Online ordering of ammo or their components (brass, powder, etc.) is illegal
-Pistol permits are to be recertified every 5 years.

If there is another post on this, please delete mine. If not, I'd love to see this stickied.

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