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well if I'm not mistaken the M95 was made in budapest and stutzen(?). of course most milsurps have their highs and lows. I have yet to look ata reloading manual that has loading data for 8x56R but every single one of the hardships that I have labeled can be overcome.
1. the en bloc clips, if you are willing to compromise on original and genuine can be bought new production from numrich arms, they recently changed their website which makes it a pain to find little misc parts like enbloc clips for an M95 but they usually have them in stock and every once in a blue moon if you go there and rub your tummy and pat your head and hop up and down on one leg while whistling "heart of dixie" they will have original Nazi or earlier.

2. ammo availability is low and it's expensive and there are only two companies that I know of that make ammo for them(PRVI and Hornady). neither of these can be found at your usual online sources for ammunition(,, etc etc). however Cabelas does list hornady in their 'classic metric' line though I haven't seen it in stock but I'm sure they allow backorders). oppositely, has the PRVI 8x56R hidden away in their misc ammo section and sometimes offer the option to add a box to your order of a M95 which they almost always have in stock.

3. reloading and bullet availability: as stated I have never seen a reloading manual with data for 8x56R but just this summer I read an article in handloader magazine about reloading for old, obselete calibers and how it is becoming easier now that people are buying these cheap rifles and creating a demand for components. on it he lists companies that make bullet molds in the proper diameter, I think even one company that is doing limited runs of jacketed 8x56 bullets and a small number of reloading formulas for 8x56R if you can find that article online you would be set for reloading.
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