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I have always pretty much figured that if it actually came to registration, or heavens forbid, confiscation, that most in the US would roll over. It appears I may be wrong.
Will they rise up in armed defiance? Nope. Will they take political action? Not for the most part.

But, will all the guns get turned in? Not if the historical trend holds. Canada, Australia, and the UK are estimated to average a 20% compliance rate with their bans.

I went shooting in Victoria in 1994, and there were a lot of guns that came out when nobody was looking. Most folks admitted to owning guns off the registry. It was routinely flaunted.

My sister and her husband were in Cairo during the revolution a couple of years back, and when the police absconded, pretty much everyone in the neighborhood started digging guns out of the closet they'd "forgotten" they had.

The same holds true in places like New York and Maryland. Guns may be turned into a dirty little secret, but they'll still be there.
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