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It all looked very vanilla to me. I think all the scare-mongering about the EO's was refuted. Some of it is annoying.. but nothing serious. And we can defeat the legislative stuff.

The great news to me is that they aren't even trying for any sort of confiscation. At the very worst, all the existing guns and magazines would be grandfathered. I realize Feinstein's bill doesn't allow transfers, etc, but that doesn't appear to be what the President was calling for. And before somebody jumps all over me.... I said right now and appears. And I DO believe we can defeat a new AWB.

Again IMO... the anti's would have a better chance to pass this stuff if they split it up as much as possible. If they kept trying to pass a bill that only banned the future sale of magazines greater than 10 rounds and they kept attaching it to every bill they see... they might get it through some day. But the AWB as written will never make it. Times have changed since 94.

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