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the M95 was originally a long rifle, poorly balances, very long and cumbersome, analogous to a 1891 mosin nagant. the were cut down in the 30s to a smaller carbine length rifle as they were intended to be fielded by police and rear echelon troops, the nazis were nothing if not recyclers. a heavy, bulky, long combat rifle was not a necessity for someone filling those roles. the side effect of removing all that weight is a direct result of neuton's laws,forget which ones off the top of my head but "an object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force(recoil)", and "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". as there is less weight to absorb the recoil it gets quite stiff and as it has a metal buttplate as all military weaponry of the age, it is quite stiff for most shooters.

8x56R is not a true 8mm, that is to say that the bullet diameter is slightly larger than 8x57mm mauser and most, if not all, 8mm bullets out there are actually designed for the more prolific of the two; 8mm mauser. I have heard reports but nothing substantiated that even the new production, reloadable, PRVI partizan, which is about the only game in town for 8x56R besides limited seasonal runs of hornady, actually uses the smaller 8mm bullet in their rounds, this slight difference affects accuracy and velocity in a bad way and can even result in damage to the rifling over time, many people do not care about this as they are cheaper than mosin nagants right now and just figure that a second rifle will be even easier to get a hold of. they require an en bloc clip to function, a hard to find but not impossible venture but also easy to lose if you are shooting in tall grass and you aren't paying attention to how many shots you are putting down range as it self ejects out the bottom of the rifle after the last round is chambered(not fired). without it you effectively have a single shot rifle. there are better out there but the stories that come with these are a lot more interesting than a hungarian M44 IMHO. as for the locking mechanisms behind it and reloadability of 75 year old ammunition I don't know much about it but the amount of time you would have to tumble most of that brass is extensive and I doubt you could get too many reloadings out of it as it would probably be worn pretty thin just to get the oxidation off of it.
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