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I am an Illinois resident and while I want to fight, the demographics don't add up here anymore.
The state is run by liberal anti gun Democrats. I am not trying to get into a political debate with anyone this is a known fact of Illinois politics. We are rapidly becoming more and more of a Single Party State.

Based on current demographical and urban-migratory trends the state is only going to become more laden with Democratic voters as time goes on. Rightly or Wrongly, the Republican and all other opposition parties seem unwilling to reinvent themselves to better fight back against the Democrats so here we are.

Those same Democrats who run this state, if only barley are going to become more and more bold(as they have with the last two elections) in their approach to infringing on the second amendment.

Like others have said, I see which way the wind is blowing. I am not going to live in a state where the only thing protecting my RTKBA is the courts. Where my politicians actively look to make me a criminal because I choose to own guns. Where as a lawful gun owner I am talked about in the same breath as gang bangers and mass shooters.

You guys in California and NY went through this 20-30 years ago and here is Illinois today. We are still a few years behind you guys but not many.

I have decided to "jump the border" to Wisconsin in the next couple of years. The drive to my job gets about 20-30 mins longer every day but its a sacrifice I am willing to make for lower cost of living, lower taxes, less invasive government and elected officials who do not view me as a criminal or threat because I exercise my second amendment rights.

It is 1187, I see the Saracens closing in and the ranks of the Crusaders thinning. The writing is on the wall. Its time to leave this once fine land I called home and move on for my sake and the sake of my family.
"....The swords of others will set you your limits".
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